Building Clanheart

Clanheart is happy to announce we have a brand new foreground artist! Now we can make some serious headway in loading the site with craft-able foreground items.

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We have some exciting stuff to show art-wise, but it’s being hidden for our eventual kickstarter! It’s so hard to hold it back!

Enjoy some backgrounds for the time being!

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Oooooo… glowy!

There’s certainly no end to backgrounds you can craft in this game, huh?

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Here are two snowy backgrounds, and let’s gather ‘round to talk!

Clanheart staff have been talking lately and we think our best decision would be to call off the Kickstarter and release dates. Clanheart is shaping up to be an extremely complex and detailed website, and we don’t think we can deliver a stunning product to our loyal followers while feeling rushed.

We’ll still be updating you as often as we can with our progress, but due to slowing down on both the art and programming front - despite knowing there’s still a whole lot to get done before we can consider the game good enough to release to you guys - we don’t think it’s possible to release on December 1, or run a kickstarter on September 1.

Our philosophy is that we don’t want to approach you guys with a kickstarter unless we feel that our game is complete, tested, and will satisfy the backers. There’s only a month and a half until we reach that point and it’s simply not possible to make something we’re proud of and would want you to support.

So, for right now, we might be looking at 2015 release and kickstarter date. As stated before, we don’t want to rush any point of development, and we want to give you something you’ll be darn proud of having followed for the last six months.

That said, let’s hope you keep enjoying our updates as we pass them along! Our developer is going out of town for two weeks, so we won’t hear anything on that front, but we usually have pretty art to show from the art team :)

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S-signs of life…

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Albino Burmese Python dragons!

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Streaming Orcas

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"Building Clanheart" records the live blogging of a virtual pet SIM being built. Clanheart is a strategy based virtual animal SIM. The user can form a clan of creatures, establish territory, and fight for additional territory to yield more resources and expand their clan. Players can be a pack of wolves, troop of kitsune, clan of dragons, herd of deer, pack of raptors, clan of cats, or pride of lions.

Expected Completion Date c. 2015
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