Building Clanheart

Familiars of the desert region.

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Assorted completed familiars from the kitsune territory!

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If you like felines, the kitsune magic rainforest territory is an excellent place to hunt for familiars.

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Gray Fox kitsunes

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Some of the finished familiars from the wolf territory!

Like accessories, you will be able to place your familiar anywhere on the canvas of your clan member and resize it as desired.

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Breeding options allow you to control what color wheel you are using for a particular trait, giving the user more control over the color of their clan offspring.

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California red-sided garter snake dragon.

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We have a special preview for you! What you’re looking at here is a batch of familiars, specifically from the wolf zone!

Familiars can be picked up as an extremely rare event on your territory. If one of your clan members can successfully bond with a familiar, it will aid them in any way it can in battle. You can strengthen your team of three fighters by giving them familiars, and give your territory square guards familiars to help them deal more damage too. There is a possibility that some familiars might have other abilities (such as aiding the shaman or alpha in a specific way, or taking care of clan pups) but for now they are battle based.

All the regions have ten familiars, three of which are young babies you can find abandoned from a dangerous predatory species. This means if you’re extra nice to that bear or puma cub up there (among others) it will grow into a big adult capable of doing much more damage. Can you imagine your clan member befriending a snow leopard, crocodile, hammerhead shark, or even a t-rex?

Familiars have their own stats, which are randomly rolled and mean that no two familiars are exactly the same. Even if you have a strong adult bear now, you may find a cub with better starting stats later.

We hope you enjoy this addition to the game!

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This is the site background that will be available if the Orca species is unlocked in the upcoming Kickstarter. We’ll be adding it to our blog shortly!

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"Building Clanheart" records the live blogging of a virtual pet SIM being built. Clanheart is a strategy based virtual animal SIM. The user can form a clan of creatures, establish territory, and fight for additional territory to yield more resources and expand their clan. Players can be a pack of wolves, troop of kitsune, clan of dragons, herd of deer, pack of raptors, clan of cats, or pride of lions.

Expected Completion Date c. 2015
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