Building Clanheart

If you want the phoenixes in the game, be sure to support the Kickstarter! ;)

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talashashini: So did you already have the kickstarter, or is it something you're doing later? :3 (I ask because I'd love to help make this happen)

Kickstarter is something we’re planning for 2015 :)

We still have a lot of work to do on the site - we’ve gotten a TON done over the past month or so, but we want it perfect for the backers.

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Phoenix sketches.

Phoenixes are the second kickstarter species. After you unlock the orca species, you can unlock the phoenix species for use at launch time!

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Anaconda dragons.

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Orcas! Orcas are a Kickstarter species. If our Kickstarter hits a specific goal, we’ll be able to release this species for everyone to enjoy at post-Kickstarter launch.

Do you plan on supporting the Kickstarter to unlock orcas as a species choice?

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This is our musician (ZulphaDawn)’s pet site tumblr! Go give it a visit :)

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Adult lions!

And with that, we have completed our original seven! Onto the kickstarter species…

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Anonymous: :0 How many animals do you intend to have as playable creatures in your game?

There are the “Original Seven” — wolves, cats, deer, kitsune, raptors, lions, and dragons.

During Kickstarter, we will offer three species to unlock at different stretch tiers — orcas, phoenixes, and a mystery species.

New species will be released twice a year after launch.

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Anonymous: If female lions can have manes, can male lions lack them?

That’s right! They’re an optional dimorphic feature.

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"Building Clanheart" records the live blogging of a virtual pet SIM being built. Clanheart is a strategy based virtual animal SIM. The user can form a clan of creatures, establish territory, and fight for additional territory to yield more resources and expand their clan. Players can be a pack of wolves, troop of kitsune, clan of dragons, herd of deer, pack of raptors, clan of cats, or pride of lions.

Expected Completion Date c. 2015
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