Building Clanheart

Roar in excitement! We just ordered our proof copy of the soundtrack to make sure everything looks and sounds good.

Soon as it’s approved, we will order some sample copies to give away on tumblr to our US audience. The musician, ZulphaDawn, will be running a giveaway for the UK and Europe audience (as they’re in the UK!).

You’ll be able to buy both the digital version and the physical during our Kickstarter!!

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Plants for foreground objects. Something other than backgrounds!

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We’re proud to announce we just finished putting together our soundtrack!

All ten tracks are finished and all of the artwork is done. We’ll be giving away a few of our test product CDs soon. Look forward to getting the soundtrack in either digital or physical form during our kickstarter.

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Foreground objects.

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We’ll be adding the savannah background to our blog in a moment here! This is for the lions.

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Clanheart Backgrounds

Plenty to craft!

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Clanheart Backgrounds

Plenty to craft!

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Clanheart is happy to announce we have a brand new foreground artist! Now we can make some serious headway in loading the site with craft-able foreground items.

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We have some exciting stuff to show art-wise, but it’s being hidden for our eventual kickstarter! It’s so hard to hold it back!

Enjoy some backgrounds for the time being!

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"Building Clanheart" records the live blogging of a virtual pet SIM being built. Clanheart is a strategy based virtual animal SIM. The user can form a clan of creatures, establish territory, and fight for additional territory to yield more resources and expand their clan. Players can be a pack of wolves, troop of kitsune, clan of dragons, herd of deer, pack of raptors, clan of cats, or pride of lions.

Expected Completion Date c. 2015
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